Doris Brett Workshop - Eriksonian and Indirect Techniques

Starts Sat, 20th Jul '19 at 10:00 am

Ends Sat, 20th Jul '19 at 3:00 pm

Location The Tower Hotel - 686 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Milton Erickson was a brilliant psychiatrist and clinician whose ground-breaking work has been seminal not just in hypnosis, but in a number of other modern psychotherapies, such as solution-oriented therapy, narrative therapy, brief therapy, strategic family therapy, family systems therapy and a number of others. 

He pioneered the indirect hypnotic techniques as well as his innovative approach to psychotherapy, with strategies including symptom prescription, paradoxical interventions and metaphors. His approach was to always focus on the uniqueness of the individual and to help them in accessing their own particular, often forgotten or unidentified, strengths. 

Indirect hypnotic inductions are very different to the classical induction methods. They are particularly useful for resistant clients, for clients with relatively less hypnotic ability and for clients whose ability to go into trance is hampered by anxiety or control issues. They minimise the chance of failure, are tailored to the individual client and environment and provide maximum flexibility for the therapist. 

This workshop will discuss indirect and Ericksonian therapy as well as unpacking some of the techniques of indirect or Ericksonian hypnotic inductions. The workshop will include demonstrations of indirect inductions. 

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will;

Gain an understanding of Ericksonian techniques to use in their psychological practice

Gain an understanding how indirect techniques encourage trans inductions

Will be introduced to metaphors that can be used in hypnosis.

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Diane McGreal -

0433 381 531

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