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The course consists of five face-to-face training days, plus online Training Modules; homework exercises completed between training days; and a Follow-Up Day

Component I

The Basics of Hypnosis

1.In their own time, candidates complete two online Training Modules: “Understanding Clinical Hypnosis” and “Phenomena of Hypnosis”

2.Candidates complete the online Training Module: “Assessment of Hypnotic Capacity.” This Module should be viewed several times, focusing on: (a) overall procedure; (b) subject’s behavioural responses; (c) subject’s subjective report of trance experiences; & (d) scoring procedure.

3.Candidates practise the assessment protocol, to develop competency and familiarity with the standard test.

4.Candidates carry out at least three (3) assessments, using professional colleagues or friends as subjects. Candidates advise subjects that they are learning clinical hypnosis and that no therapy accompanies the standard test.

5.Candidates submit three written reports detailing their assessments of hypnotic capacity, using the pro forma issued by ASH Victoria.

Upon completion of these homework assignments, candidates receive a Certificate of Competency, Component I

Component II

Applying Clinical Hypnosis

Face-to-Face Training Day – Saturday 22 April 2017

Morning Session Introduction to the Clinical Hypnosis Training Course

Review of learning principles from online Training Modules

Trance Inductions (demonstrations)

Afternoon Session Practice of induction techniques

Practice of assessment of hypnotic capacity

Following this training day, candidates complete the following online Training Modules: “Induction, Deepening and Re-alerting Procedures” and “Contraindications to the Use of Hypnosis and Difficulties in Trance.”

Certificate of Competency, Component II issued.

Component III

Scripts for Trance Induction and Guided Imagery

Face-to-Face Training Day – Saturday 13 May 2017

Morning Session Review of learning principles from online Training Modules

Review of induction principles

Review of contraindications to hypnosis

Afternoon Session Practice script writing (selection of client; preparation of script containing induction and imagery)

Presentation of scripts to group

Following this training day, candidates complete the following online Training Modules: “Hypnosis Integrated with CBT”; “Hypnosis in Self-Esteem and Ego-Strengthening” and “Hypnosis Scripts for Relaxation and Stress Management.”

Homework Exercise – having completed these online Training Modules, each candidate:

1.Selects three (3) of their clients and prepares a written script for each. Each script must contain: (a) induction script; (b) at least two CBT techniques; (c) at least two ego-strengthening techniques; & (d) de-induction.

2.Candidates submit a brief client history and script (from 1. above) for assessment.

3.Candidates then use the script with each of the three clients and submits a written report on the efficacy of each.

Certificate of Competency, Component III issued upon completion of homework

Component IV - Applications of Hypnosis (Part 1)

Face-to-Face Training Day – Dr Doris Brett - Saturday 3 June 2017

Morning Session:

Indirect Techniques: Why and How to Use Them - Practice

Afternoon Session:

Using Hypnosis with Medical Issues

Hypnosis and Pain Management

Hypnosis and Metaphor

Component IV - Applications of Hypnosis (Part 2)

Face-to-Face Training Days – Dr Doris Brett - Saturday 24th June 2017

Morning Session:

Psychological Issues in Medicine

Hypnosis and Pain Management

Afternoon Session:

Indirect and Eriksonian Techniques

Story-Telling and Metaphors in Hypnosis

Follow-Up Day

Saturday 29 July 2017

Each student presents a 30-minute case presentation, detailing hypnosis work with a selected client (using pro forma)

Certificate of Competency - Component IV - issued upon completion.

Preparation for the Diploma

Each student must complete:

1. Twenty (20) hours of supervised individual and/or small group supervision;

2. Submit two (2) case reports detailing trancework with clients (2000-3000 words limit); and

3. Complete a thirty (30) minute viva with two Members of ASH Vic

Candidates then receive the Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (ASH Victoria).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The course is designed to meet the criteria for CPD (approx 100 hours, comprising online Training Modules; face-to-face supervision; homework exercises; and follow-up presentation).

Further Information

Email: (call Dr Barry Evans on 0407 864 724)

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Course Cost and How to Register

The Course cost is $2,970.00 (incl $270 GST)

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