How can a member of the public find someone who practises hypnosis?

Go to the referral list on this website and locate a hypnosis practitioner serving your area. Our members who are listed on this referral list must: (1) be a registered* medical practitioner, psychologist, or dentist, and (2) have completed our training programme and the examination process of the Australian Society of Hypnosis.

The referral listing will tell you how to contact the member and give you an indication of the services offered by the member.

Note *: registration is with the Medical Board of Victoria, the Victorian Psychologists Registration Board, or the Dental Board of Victoria, as appropriate.

How can a member of the public know if the hypnosis practitioner is any good?

Any member of the public using our referral list can be assured that the practitioner they see is a competent professional in one of the three disciplines listed above and has been fully trained in hypnosis.

If using hypnosis services from any person other than a member of ASH Victoria, it is vital to ask about their professional background and training in hypnosis before using their services.

What do hypnosis services cost and are there rebates?

Our members set their own rates for hypnosis services. Ask about the cost when making your first appointment.

Medicare rebates are available for hypnosis services from medical practitioners and psychologists. Private health funds may also offer rebates, so check with your fund.

Do members of ASH Victoria operate under a code of professional ethics?

Yes. As a registered medical practitioner, psychologist or dentist, each of our members practise under the code of ethics of their relevant professional authority.

In addition, our members practise under the Code of Ethics of the Australian Society of Hypnosis. The primary objectives of this Code of Ethics are: (1) to always place the welfare of the patient or client first when using hypnosis in clinical practice, and (2) to restrict their use of hypnosis within their own professional competency.

How many sessions of hypnosis are needed?

The number of sessions will depend upon the nature of the issue for which a member of the public seeks services. Our members will discuss the course of treatment and the role of hypnosis in the first or early sessions.

Are there any dangers associated with hypnosis?

When practised by a trained health professional, such as a member of ASH Victoria, hypnosis is safe. Should a person experience any anxiety or emotion when using hypnosis, the practitioner will gently talk to the patient or client, to bring them back to a relaxed state. It is important for the practitioner to ensure the patient or client is fully alert following hypnosis, and this is routinely done by members of ASH Victoria.

Are there any types of people or conditions for which hypnosis should not be used?

Members of ASH Victoria will take a full history before using hypnosis and then fully explain the role of hypnosis, should they suggest using it. When there has been careful patient/client assessment and a rationale for using hypnosis, it is generally safe and effective.

Using hypnosis, can a person be made to do something they would not otherwise do?

No, a person cannot be made to act in any way that is inconsistent with their normal behaviour.

After hypnosis, do people remember what happened during the session?

Some do and some say they do not recall everything. Hypnosis is a very subjective experience and what happens will be carefully discussed between the person and the practitioner.

Is the "hypnosis" seen on TV or the stage real?

People go to stage shows or watch TV shows on hypnosis expecting to see people behaving oddly. This is called an "expectancy effect" and not the same as hypnosis used by a doctor or psychologist in the clinical setting.

The Code of Ethics of the Australian Society of Hypnosis does not allow members of ASH Victoria to conduct stage or TV shows using hypnosis.